eBay Inc. Redesign

Project Overview

In the spring of 2015, eBay and Paypal (which had previously merged in 1998) reverted back to two seperate corporate entities. This corporate divorce necessiated the redesign of the existing eBayinc website.

A major constraint was time: They only had 4 months to launch a revised website. The timeline of this corporate split required eBayinc to undergo a redesign process utilizing existing content and expert UX design knowledge. My role was to supplement a team consisting of 2 UX designers and eBay’s hands-on UX design director. We split up the website into separate pages. We each took lead roles for each page we worked on, and advisory/peer review roles on each other’s pages.


We kept our process and simple and straightforward as possible. We sketched each page to show to our teammates during our daily scrums, and reviewed them before committing to wireframes.  Working in this manner, every team member had an equal voice in the process, and a unified look and feel for the entire site was achieved.


We constructed a shared Axure file to contain a combined wireframe/low fidelity prototype. This shared file acted as a repository where we could check out the various pages we were working on.  It contained links and interaction examples that would have otherwise been hard to show in a simple set of wireframes.



We also leveraged axure’s notation system to provide annotations whereever necessary - on both individual page elements and for each page.



Kanban & UI Reviews

Immediately after pages were finalized, they were pushed through an agile process (utilizing a kanban board) to the UI designers and the development team. At this point our work shifted to a QA role to ensure the UI & actual site pages met the initial UX and business requirements.

Final Product

The revised site launched in the summer of 2015: http://ebayinc.com